Learn to Manage Your Anxiety

Learn to Manage Your Anxiety

Reclaim your routine and stop feeling tired all the time

Dr. Mark J. Hershman treats adults, children and adolescents who struggle with anxiety. Anxiety and panic disorders sometimes run in the family. We can help anyone in your family who is dealing with anxiety.

Knowing the different kinds of anxiety disorders can help you identify what you're feeling. A few of the more common anxiety disorders are:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder, which is characterized by constant worrying about most aspects of your life
  • Panic disorder, which results in frequent panic attacks where you might feel trapped and unable to breathe
  • Social anxiety disorder, which leads people to avoid crowds and group settings for fear of talking to other people

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How to tell the difference between natural anxiety and an anxiety disorder

Stress is a normal part of everyday life. When stress starts to interfere significantly with your life, though, you may want to talk to a therapist about anxiety disorders. Ordinarily, your anxiety works like a warning light. It goes off when something dangerous or troubling happens and alerts you so you can protect yourself.

When you have an anxiety disorder, though, it's like your warning light has gone haywire. It constantly sends out signals, leaving you exhausted. Mental health professionals diagnose people with anxiety disorders when symptoms last longer than six months and alter their ability to function at work, home or school.

You should ask Dr. Mark J. Hershman about anxiety disorders when you notice that:


  • You feel on edge all the time
  • It's hard to concentrate on a topic
  • You worry about how much you worry
  • Decisions seem impossible to make



You might encounter physical symptoms, too, like fatigue, muscle aches, trouble sleeping, headaches and nausea. Set up an appointment with Dr. Mark J. Hershman now to start standing up to your anxiety.