Divorce Can Be Ugly-But it Doesn't Have to Be

Divorce Can Be Ugly-But it Doesn't Have to Be

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Going through a divorce is challenging, frustrating and emotional. It's important to try to be civil throughout a divorce, especially if children are involved in the process. To amicably work through the process with your partner, book sessions with Dr. Hershman in Katonah, NY. He can help you develop strategies to effectively relate to your partner.

Sometimes differences cannot be reconciled; however, the purpose of divorce counseling is to help navigate the process in a respectful way.

When your divorce involves children, it is important to work on collaborative problem-solving skills, minimizing the negative impact on your children's life. Call us today to book a divorce counseling session.

Divorce counseling can make the process easier

Divorce can be traumatic for all parties involved, which is why our divorce counseling sessions are useful for those going through it. We'll help you both transition from a marriage to a divorced partnership that's cooperative and based on respect. Divorce therapy can help you to:

  • Feel confident in your decision to end the marriage
  • Understand why the marriage didn't last
  • Protect your children throughout the process
  • Manage your life after the fact
  • Maintain your emotional and mental health


Let us help make your transition as painless as possible. Call 914-232-1730 now to book a divorce counseling session at our Katonah, NY office.