Learn how to Collaborate With Your Partner or Child

Learn how to Collaborate With Your Partner or Child

Why not work together to solve problems?

Are you attempting to solve problems without success? Why not work together to find a better solution?

Dr. Mark J. Hershman can show you how to resolve conflict and build trust through the amazing power of working collaboratively. Dr. Hershman regularly works with couples, families and individual adolescents and adults to facilitate better communication and relational bonding.

Let Dr. Hershman help you improve interpersonal effectiveness!

Stop, collaborate and listen

During your collaborative problem solving sessions, Dr. Mark J. Hershman will use one of several approaches to build more functional communication habits. Regardless of the method chosen, the goal will be to:

  • Identify lagging skills in others or yourself
  • Validate the other person in the relationship
  • Help others understand your concerns
Let Dr. Hershman show you how to solve problems effectively! Call his office at 914-232-1730 to schedule an appointment.