Your Relationship Can Weather The Storm

Your Relationship Can Weather The Storm

Strive for a more harmonious partnership

Do you find yourself in frequent conflict with a significant other? Are you ready to work together to chart a healthier, more positive path forward?

Dr. Hershman can guide you on how to resolve conflict in your most intimate relationships. Dr. Hershman regularly works with couples facing problems such as:

  • Fighting and tension
  • Infidelity
  • Infertility
  • Divorce
  • Financial pressure
  • Custody issues
Let Dr. Hershman show you how to stop fighting and improve your relationship!

The key is consistent validation

Dr. Hershman frequently reminds his clients: "You can never change other people, but you can change your relationship with them." Dr. Hershman believes the key to unlocking relational healing is providing consistent, authentic validation. By learning how to encourage your partner, you'll avoid shutting off and shutting down.

It is possible to return to a place of harmony, and Dr. Hershman can show you how. Contact his office at 914-232-1730 to schedule an appointment!