Have You Considered Trying Couples Therapy in Katonah, NY?

Have You Considered Trying Couples Therapy in Katonah, NY?

We can help you settle conflicts and resolve differences

Couples therapy is designed to help you and your partner gain a different perspective. By meeting in a neutral place with a licensed professional, you can begin to work things out with each other. Dr. Hershman specializes in helping couples in Katonah, NY work out their differences. We're here to help you confront your relationship problems and work toward solutions.

Our couples therapy is aimed at helping you work on the partnership aspect of your relationship. Consulting with each other is an important foundation of any relationship, and our sessions focus on that particularly. Don't settle for divorce if you haven't tried couples therapy first.

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How therapy can help

Relationship counseling doesn't have to be intimidating. Our approach is finding solutions that are customized to each couples' situation. Sessions will be aimed at going through any conflicts or struggles in your personal relationship. Couples therapy can help with:

  • Trust and intimacy
  • Infidelity
  • Sexual problems
  • Difficulties involving family and friends
  • New parenthood
  • Changing values, behaviors and opinions
  • Feeling underappreciated

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